Student-Centered Durable Flexible Seating

Expires on Aug 15, 2019

Flexible seating will allow for my students to make the classroom their own! They will have the choice each day, with the ability to move around the room to meet and exceed their specific learning goals.

My students will work in groups to collaborate on science activities, find a comfortable chair to read his/her favorite chapter book or use math manipulatives in a way to bring concepts to life.
Having a student-centered classroom will allow each and every learner to excel in all subjects. Making choices about their learning environment will be the first step toward success each day.

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Flex Space Giant Comfy Pillows - Set of 3 - Lakeshore$199.00
3 Flex Space Premium Wobble Chairs - Lakeshore$237.00
Automatic Ball Inflator - Lakeshore$69.00
3 Flex Space Comfy Floor Seats - Lakeshore$162.00
3 Flex Space Balance Seats - Lakeshore$72.00

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