Phonics and Math Manipulatives for Centers

Expires on Aug 15, 2019

This summer I have been printing games for teaching reading and math. I have made games for sight words, phonics, high frequency words, time, money, fractions, addition, subtraction, and more. I have paid out of pocket for the ink, cardstock, and laminating sheets, but would love to provide my students with additional manipulatives to help support their learning through hands-on learning.

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Where does money go ?

Play Doh$6.00
Magnetic letters$10.00
Alphabet stamps$11.00
Dot markers$15.00
Rainbow clothespins$11.00
Plastic money $28.00
Mini animal erasers$11.00
Laminating sheets$20.00
Colored cardstock$17.00
Teacher toolbox$28.00
Fraction tiles$20.00
Number bonds$18.00
Alpha pops$16.00
Greater than/less than$7.00
Magnetic ten frames$18.00
Magnetic money$30.00
Pop for addition and subtraction$10.00
Math Slam$25.00
Make a Splash$23.00
Money Bags$15.00
Sums in Space$20.00
Splat sight word game$10.00
Word Waffle$14.00
6 Phonics games$17.00
Daily Word Ladder$7.00
Hot Dot Academic Vocabulary$13.00
Sentence building$16.00
Sight Word Space$20.00
Judy Clock$24.00
Fraction linking cubes$16.00
Geometric Solids$20.00
Center storage$51.00
Task Card storage$25.00

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