Our Carpet Creates Our Community

Expires on Aug 04, 2019

At the elementary level, the classroom carpet is the heart of a room. It is where students spend lots of their learning time, rather than at their desks or tables. For the last two years I have had a round carpet in my kindergarten classroom. Our round carpet is our home-base. During lessons and community circle time, students are able to face the speaker and show their work off to all. Sitting in a circle creates a warm, inviting feel as all students are able to see each other from their seats. We participate in mini-lessons, morning greetings, community building activities, and more all while sitting around our circle carpet. At one point in the year, our classroom had a flood and our carpet had to be washed and dried. We were without our carpet for two weeks and each and every day my students said they missed it and wanted it back. It was in those two weeks that I noticed how much the carpet created our classroom environment. We loved the circle shape that our carpet provided us, compared to a rectangle or square. That carpet became a part of our classroom. When students drew pictures of them at school, our carpet was always included. As I move to a new school and a new classroom, I want to continue to feel that sense of community through the shape of our carpet. I want to continue these classroom traditions in my new first grade classroom for years to come with the carpet being our home-base.

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