Learning Through Apples

Expires on Aug 15, 2019

There are so many benefits to using iPads in the classroom. First, I would like to utilize them for small group time during reading and math. By having a small group of students on the iPads, this frees me to work with students in an individualized setting. Students on the iPads are getting specific practice in reading and/or math, and the students working with me are getting targeted instruction with the teacher. It is a win-win scenario.

Another way I would like to use iPads is to allow my students to document their learning. Using photos and videos we can build a portfolio to reflect and enhance our studies. For example, students can record themselves reading and play it back, for instant feedback on rate and tone. My students are always asking me to take pictures of their creations to send to their parents. The iPads give them the power to prioritize and document their own pride and growth to share with those they love.

Finally, iPads can be an important piece of assistive learning technology. My students with Dyslexia, or specific learning disabilities, can level the playing field with their peers with recording, typing, and listening functions of the iPads. The ability to provide audiobooks is a game changer for some learners.

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