Flexing While We Work

Expires on Oct 18, 2019

My kindergarten students are eager and ready to learn! They love coming to school and learning new things. I have a very diverse classroom culturally and linguistically. Some of my students have connections to different countries and can speak multiple languages!

I believe that my students deserve the world and I want to provide a direct path to their success! For most of my students, kindergarten is their very first learning experience! With that being said, I want to make it a point that my students feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe in their classroom environment in order to be ready to learn! In my classroom, we are a special bunch and can’t wait for all of the kindergarten fun that lies ahead this year!

My kindergartners are extremely busy and energetic! I would like to provide them with different options for seating as they complete their classroom work. There are so many benefits to flexible seating – choice, physical health, comfort, community, collaboration, fun, and so many more! With your help, my students will be able to feel comfortable working throughout the entire school day. At the moment, my students have two seating choices – sitting at the carpet or sitting in their “normal” school chairs. These seating arrangements do not work for all of my students, especially those who have more energy and/or struggle with sensory input. Flexible seating options will empower my students by allowing them to choose where they would like to work, as well as, help with engagement by allowing them to feel comfortable.

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