Flexible for Focus

Expires on Jan 16, 2020

Flexible seating has become very popular in the classroom over the past few years. Some see it as decor, but teachers know how helpful it can be to a student’s learning. When students are comfortable they are able to maintain better focus which, in turn, grows their learning. Elementary students are typically the only age group that is required to sit in the same hard seat all day, yet they are the age group that needs the most movement and flexibility.

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Flex-Space Big Beanbag Seat Green$79.99
Calming Colors Giant Pillow-Sky Blue$69.99
Calming COlors Giant Pillow-Sage Green$69.99
Flex-Space Mobile Standing Desk$329.00
Flex-Space Lounge & Learn Couch for Two- Blue$299.00
Flex-Space Rectangular Floor Table- 30"x60"$279.00
5 Flex-Space Wobble Chair- 16"- Gray$299.95
Flex-Space Big Beanbag Seat-Blue$79.99
4 Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seat-Gray$219.96

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